What We Do For You

Let Us Take You There With Our Cultural Compass Exploration Services!

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Providing The Best Cultural, Sustainable & Entertaining Experiences

We work hard to create fun, sustainable and culturally-oriented experiences by utilizing the human potential and knowledge of respectful people. Whatever experiences you are looking for we will do our best to gather the information you need – whether it's food, tourist attractions, bars or unique cultural activities!

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Keeping You Informed & Connected

Cultural Compass builds a network that connects respectful travelers and sustainability experts with local guides, communities and businesses through critical knowledge-sharing activities.

Together, we have the experience and expertise necessary to plan enriching trips with entertaining, cultural and educational activities. We aim to help make your trip full of comfort, relaxation and without stress.

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We Appeal To The Values & Interests Of Our Travelers & Host Communities

Planning any type of travel can be time-consuming, overwhelming and can go awry if not guided by people who truly know your destinations – but our local guides do. You can count on our Cultural Compass Captains to provide you with the best guides, covering the essential steps of the journey.